Staff Directory

Last NameFirst NameExt.EmailTitleDept.
Aldrich Dave 525 IT Coordinator IT
Ayson Joni 540 Housing Specialist Tenant Based Assistance
Barker Jenny 516 Budget Manager Accounting
Barrett Greg   Work Order Page  Maintenance Technician  Maintenance
Bogdan Chris 543 Construction Program Manager Construction
Bond Linda 533 Housing Specialist Tenant Based Assistance
Burke Troy   Work Order Page Maintenance Manager Maintenance
Tate Peggy 510 Client Services Representative Administrative Services
Cane Kristen 541 Director of Development and Policy Development and Policy
Christenson Jenna 608 Housing Program Manager Tenant Based Assistance
Collier Chris 601  AHA Program Manager  Development and Policy
Conner Brittany 604  Housing Specialist  Tenant Based Assistance
Dewey Liz 530 Human Resources Specialist  Administrative Services
Dyer Misty Electronic Records Coordinator Administrative Services
Eadie Tom 521 Housing Program Manager Tenant Based Assistance
Frost Pam 550 Director of Finance Accounting
Forbes Glen 517 Housing Specialist I Tenant Based Assistance
Golden Melanie 515 Housing Specialist Tenant Based Assistance
Grody Amber 602 Housing Specialist II Tenant Based Assistance
Hart Kimberly 574 Manufactured Home Specialist Asset Management
Hale Laura 605 Administrative Services Coordinator

Administrative Services

Hallett Will 567 Development and Construction Analyst Development and Policy
Hoover Christine 514 IT Manager IT
Hunt Dallas 575 Inspector Manager Inspection
Hurt Chuck   Work Order Page Maintenance Technician Maintenance
Close Tamra 571 PBV Specialist Tenant Based Assistance
Kehler Steve 542 Director of Asset Management Asset Management
Keimig Stephanie 549 Portfolio Manager Asset Management
Krick Debbie 527 Senior Accounting Technician Accounting
Ky Loi 546 Accountant Accounting
Larson Nancy 425-210-1696  Leasing Agent Asset Management
Lehmann Jenn 610 Client Service Rep Administrative Services
Leonard Duane 522 Executive Director Executive
Max Sarah 603

Asst to Exec Dir for Housing Admin

Meek Toni 529 Portability and Housing Specialist II Tenant Based Assistance
Moya Edwin  Client Services Rep  Administrative Services
Noun Tia 564 PBV Specialist Tenant Based Assistance
O'Connell Martina 425-750-8042 Roving Property Manager Asset Management
Papritz Mark 551 Construction Superintendent Construction
Patten Cheryl 537 Asset Management Assistant Asset Management
Ramos Dylan   Work Order Page

 Maintenance Laborer

Redden Virginia 520 Accounting Technician Accounting
Renteria Phyllis 511 Special Programs Housing Specialist Tenant Based Assistance
Attick Janinna 556 Program Integration and Support Manager Development and Policy
Roberts Lauri 523 Senior Accounting Technician Accounting
Roper Jo Anne 519 Housing Specialist I Tenant Based Assistance
Rooney Kyle   Work Order Page  Maintenance Technician  Maintenance
Santos Raffy 553 Asset Management Coordinator Asset Management
Schindler Cathy 518 Resident Resources Manager Administrative Services
Scriver Karen 571 PBV Specialist  Tenant Based Assistance
Seay Angela  536 Waitlist Assistant Administrative Services
Shevchuk Serjay 604 Asset Management Specialist Asset Management
Simpson Bobby Construction Superintendent Construction
Slaybaugh Cynthia 566 Inspections Administrative Assistant Inspection
Story Jenisa 534 Director of Human Resources and Administrative Services Administrative Services
Sumabat Amy 528  Housing Specialist I  Tenant Based Assistance
Taylor Fred 524  Accounting Technician  Accounting
Turner Brandon   Work Order Page  Maintenance Technician  Maintenance
VanAssche Jackie 555 Construction Coordinator Construction
Waddle Brad   Work Order Page  Maintenance Techician  Maintenance
Wendell Ronnie 545 Rural Development Specialist Asset Management
Whitfield Andrew   Work Order Page Maintenance Laborer Maintenance
Whitfield Curtis
Inspector  Inspections
Whittaker Kristen 565 Affordable Housing Manager Asset Management
Nielsen April 600 Resident Resources Assistant Administrative Services
Wilson Mindy 554 Asset Manager Asset Management

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