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Receiving Show Pigs

Getting young show pigs over the stress caused during the buying/receiving process can be a challenge. There is not one universal protocol or method that works for every pig, or every farm. However, there are steps that can be taken to address potential problems.
The first line of defense is vaccination. Young pigs originating from herds with an average health status, or that will eventually be exposed to pigs of an average or unknown health status, should be vaccinated for a minimum of mycoplasmal pneumonia, erysipelas, and atrophic rhinitis, as well as circovirus. These immunizations usually require an initial vaccination with a second booster injection approximately two weeks later.
The purchaser should also medicate the pigs during this process, because it could take a few weeks for full protection from vaccination to be effective. This medication should be delivered in the form of drinking water and medicated feed for pigs that are consuming feed and water normally. The use of electrolytes during this time is also advisable.
One effective method of reducing exposure and spread of disease through pigs is isolation of incoming pigs. If a customer has the facilities, he might consider keeping incoming pigs separated from the rest of the pigs for 14 to 21 days after arrival.


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Kirk Stierwalt Cattle Clinic & Jackpot Show

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